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I’ve made way too many of these shitty meme things

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Oh my sweet, summer child. 
Let me tell you a little bit about the difference between a sexually liberated character showing off her assets because she wants to, and a comic where the females are created for the male gaze  (dressed / posed to arouse men).

First up: Starfire 
On the left, you see what is relatively the same costume. 
Impossibly skimpy, clearly she uses quite a bit of double-sided tape, but hey - that’s just Starfire. She’s just doing Starfire. And if that’s how Starfire do, all right. I don’t have a problem with this Starfire, even though I fear for her nipples when she takes that tape off. 
On the right, you see New 52 Starfire. This Starfire is posed. Who is she posed for? Not Roy - he’s staring directly at her boobies, he can’t see her butt. She is posed, sweet thing, for you. And as you can see, this assumes you are a straight man. She is in what we in the know call “sex-from-behind position”. Roy’s in a normal human position. Starfire is in an incredibly awkward, uncomfortable-looking position that’s belongs in an old-timey sex magazine. Her ass is in the air, her back is arched, her boobs are thrust out. Why? So you can get off, my straight male friends*. That is not empowerment, that is turning her into a sex object. She’s not in that pose because she wants to be, she’s in that pose because the creator of the comic wants you to be aroused. 

Next up: Catwoman 
Catwoman was rebooted at the same time as Starfire. It went just as poorly for her.
Catwoman, like Starfire, has always been a fairly sexual character. 
Catwoman, unlike Starfire, doesn’t have any super healing powers, so she really can’t afford to be getting shot at while wearing nothing. Which is why she has been graced with a full-body catsuit. Spandex is bullet-proof, right?
Anyway, costume issues aside, on the left you see Catwoman trying to seduce Batman. Alrighty, totally on board. Get it. 
On the right, you see the OPENING PAGES of the #1 new Catwoman issue. 
Hint - we get pages of Catwoman’s barely bra-ed boobies and spandexed ass before we see her face. 
You could open a comic anywhere. Anywhere. She could be on top of a tower. She could be at a museum. She could be at Wayne manor. She could be at a party attempting to steal… I don’t know, cat sculptures, or some shit. But no, we open with her getting dressed. 
What does that mean? That you’re not supposed to connect with this person on a human level, you are supposed to see her as a sex object. People have faces, sex objects have half-clothed titties and asses in spandex. 
And that picture below on the left is the full-page sex scene they put at the end of that comic. Because God knows, subtlety is dead. Why do we need a full page picture of the act?  It’s creepy, right? There’s something super creepy about it. I mean, Batman has sex with loads of people and it’s never this creepy. On the right he’s having sex with Talia and it’s fine, they’re just doing what they do. It’s not a close-up booty shot of… I can’t even explain it. It’s weird. A friend described it to me as a, “fanfic drawing gone awry”. He was not wrong.

And lastly, 
Get off your high horses, Marvel lovers, because it’s 
That was the cover of a comic released last week
On the left, we have Spiderwoman.
On the right, we have Spiderman.
They’re almost in the same pose. 
But when Spiderman gets into his spiderpose, it’s the crouch, or the wing-flay or sometimes the cower. 
But the pose that Spiderwoman is showing off for you can only be described as pre-penetration doggy-style. 
While Spiderman’s butt is firmly down (not sexual), hers is about two feet in the air (sexual). 
While his back is concave (not sexual), hers is arched (sexual).
What is she wearing? Body paint? Who is she having sex with? An invisible flying creature? Nobody knows. It’s a mystery. 

So don’t play it off as empowering or sexually liberated. It’s not. These women are not in these poses because they’re comfortable or they feel cool doing them, they’re in them because the (mostly male) writers of the comics want to keep you interested by giving you something to jerk off to. 

*But what about lesbians, won’t they also be interested?
No they won’t.
Lesbians have intimate knowledge of how female anatomy works and know how uncomfortable those poses must be. I mean, that Starfire picture. Can you imagine how badly her back must hurt? Those are not tiny boobies. Those have to weigh a ton. She’s not even wearing a bra to give support. Only her super human strength is stopping her spine from snapping.

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Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence 

There is no spoon

there is no scientist


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Give me five minutes to explain taxes to you:

The top marginal tax rate is currently 39.6 percent, which remember, is an altogether different thing from the effective tax rate that wealthy people end up actually paying after taking advantage of various tax loopholes.

What does that even mean - a ‘marginal tax’ rate of 39.6 percent?

Does it mean the average person pays 39.6% in taxes? No.

Does it mean that the income earners in the top one percent pays 39.6% in taxes? NO!

Here’s what a marginal tax rate of 39.6% means:

First, as of 2013 the top tax rate for individuals currently doesn’t begin unless you earn $406,750 dollars. Actually, that tax rate doesn’t even take effect until you make $406,750 + $1 dollar. Got that part? That’s important.

Here’s the tricky detail that most people miss: the 39.6% tax rate is only applicable on anything OVER $406,750 dollars. So if you made $406,752 dollars, then only two ($2) of those dollars will be taxed at the highest rate of 39.6%…and the other $406,750 is not.

Of course, this does not take into account the numerous tax loopholes that I alluded to earlier. Thus, if the top marginal tax rate is 39.6 percent, then after using any number of tax loopholes, write offs and various other cheats, it’s entirely possible earn over $406,750 dollars per year and still pay even less in taxes than a working class American earning much less.

SN: this applies only to people who do actual work for a paycheck. If, on the other hand, your primary income is from inheritance or stock investments and you pay all your bills off of that interest (aka “capital gains”), then your taxes work differently altogether (hint: they’re even lower). Take multi-billionaire Mitt Romney, for example. In 2010 he only paid an effective (real) tax rate of 13.9 percent, odds are that’s much lower than the tax rate you (or your parents) just paid.

Here’s the last thing you should remember: Only one percent of Americans make $400,750 a year or higher. Stated differently, the top income tax rate effects around 3.5 million —out of 350,000,000 Americans. And that’s only on the dollars ABOVE $400,750.

BOO HOO right? Approximately 3.5 million Americans might, maybe, perhaps *possibly* have to pay the top federal income tax rate…but only on anything above $406,750 dollars…and only if they refuse to take advantage of ridiculously huge tax loopholes so big you could fly a jumbo jet through them.

THAT is what conservatives are crying about when they complain about the top tax rate. That’s it.

This is why whining about the top tax rate is a joke and Republicans are the party for the Greedy One Percent (and the deluded suckersfuture millionaires" who repeatedly vote for them)

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Let’s Play Minecraft - A gif for every episode
   —-> Episode 25: Stronghold Hunting Part 2


Dear god, what a hell of a game.


Let’s Play Minecraft - A gif for every episode   —-> Episode 27: Mounted Combat


Let’s Play Minecraft - A gif for every episode
   —-> Episode 27: Mounted Combat




#just punch Megatron in the fucking dick

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Some people are willfully ignorant…but some people just don’t know what they have no reason to know.


There are a lot of white people in this country who engage with minorities on the Internet in conversations about race and police harassment and profiling who don’t “see” it.  They don’t understand why some Black people are so upset with law enforcement and why we have a hair trigger in cases like Michael Brown, because that’s not the life they lead.  If — and this is a very big if — those white people have had any interactions with the police whatsoever, the situation was probably respectful, calm, and a minor disruption without an overwhelming fear of physical force.  

When I’ve been stopped by the police, not only is there an overwhelming sense of annoyance at being stopped for no reason other than being brown, but there’s the very real fear of the unknown because anything could happen once you’re stopped by the police.  I got stopped because I “fit the description” which is code for being a young Black male, and I didn’t know if I would end up in Rikers for the next three years waiting on a trial to clear my name of a charge I had nothing to do with.  (That still happens, in case you’ve forgotten.)

So this is a good explanation from  for all of us to remember when we find ourselves in conversations with white people who don’t have that experience of being terrified of law enforcement.

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